The Hat Trick & Others

Hattrick-copy-smPoetry by Anthony Kobal.

In this collection of poems, there is a struggle to ascertain one’s real ability to change life around us. While daily life presents its challenges, and many people are overwhelmed by them, reflections on this theme both confront, combat, and defy such challenges.

Illustrated with etchings from the 16th and 17th century, this modern Dance of Death becomes an achingly desolate Dance of Life as it is.

Buy now in print, through Amazon. $5.36



The Hat Trick and Others, available now through Solferino Press.

Hat Trick.
n. Sports
1.  Three goals scored by one player in one game, as in ice hockey.

2.  Three wickets taken in cricket by a bowler in three consecutive balls.

3.  Three consecutive wins or outstanding accomplishments by the same individual, such as a jockey in horse racing.

4. A sequence of poems that runs the gamut from jocular to near-despairing, commenting on the human condition, the increasing inability to achieve ones dreams, but the near-insane hope that by mere statistical chance something good might happen to anybody.


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